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  1. Hi All Bob our policy has always been claim owners or signors on claims get free membership. Now there are no more association claims unless they are preexisting to the current 20 acre rule change. It's never gone to well when the club has foot the bill on claims ? There seems to be a difficulty in getting someone to look over or handle paperwork or other problems that might arise if they have no skin in the game. But I think the club is open to all suggestions. Happy Huntin John B. #2 I Think
  2. Hi All I don't know if this will work ?? Here is a link to my old web page all found with my old goldmasters. There are 3 categories to click on Gold , Meteorites , and artifacts. I built this in the late 1990s. I've found lots more since. Some of the thumb nails don't show up but if you click on them the picture is still there and others it's just the opposite. I guess it's how the archives work or something. Here's the link . http://web.archive.org/web/20030817113315/http://www.gci-net.com/users/g/goldmaster/ Happy Huntin John B. #2 I think
  3. Hi All I got a nice surprise in the mail today. I made my very first profit from my Gold Basin land deals today. Heck it's only taken a couple decades. A very nice gentleman out of Las Vegas sent me some shiny. I wish to thank Clark for the very generous gift and thoughts . You really didn't need to do that. Soooo now your beeper and nose are officially anointed with gold nugget finds from now on 🙄. My pointy finger still has some ammo left. Well Thanks again Clark !!! Happy Huntin John B. #2 I think
  4. Hi All In the beginning of the club I was of the opinion the club should not compete with it's members for claims. Making it difficult to attract future members with claims thinking we as a club might weasel them out of their claims. It also allows members to file small miner exemptions and handle their own paperwork and the club will reimburse for that. Which if you look at the clubs current inventory of claims you will now know why. Since the club is an internet based club the local claim owners will know the count seats and procedures. SOOOOOO how can the club encourage it's members to
  5. Hi All Yes Dick I bought the property from Jerimiah Wilson on Ebay. The only corner mark on the property will be the 1/4 corner mark on the N/W corner of the property . Or should I say the 1/2 mile marker on the northern section line. There is a USGS marker there just up out of the wash, there used to be some claim monuments there as well. I received the recorded deed back Friday. I will chat with my Insurance man Monday hopefully . I will post what I can find out about insurance and we will go from there. I think the monuments should read private property on painted cemented in 4x4. Whe
  6. Hi David Don't leave we love you !! Come on don't tell me you can't take a little critic from the peanut gallery? When you are so good at criticing us. I was sooner or later probably after a hip surgery hoping to hunt with you again . What ever you choose take care David the pleasure was all ours . Happy Huntin John B. #2 I think
  7. Hi All I ran across this on creigs list. I have no idea were it is or if it's worth a try but. I think if one would call as a potential buyer and asked permission to check it out with a beeper. One or a few might gain permission if asked nicely. Even maybe by suggesting a non profit club might consider a buy. Here's the link. https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/reb/d/caliente-large-acreage-with-gold-mine/7278211402.html If you find the mother load I just might buy it !! Happy Huntin John B. #2 I Think
  8. Hi All This is the acreage that the club will hopefully be purchasing. Many years ago I called the owner of this property and asked permission to hunt for meteorites on this parcel in conjunction with a study with the U of A . I no longer can find those maps and records since a move 10 years ago. But as I remember we were granted permission. I found quite a few nuggets on and adjoing this property with my old goldmasters. My first weekend there I got 69 nuggets totaling around 2 ounces and a few space rocks. While calling around landowners for permission I ran across the 160 acres that th
  9. HI All On 6/15/20 I sent thru Bill Pay 3 checks for $696.00 each to these three charities. Fisher house foundation Inc. Gary Sinise Foundation. Homes for our troops. While looking up addresses and phone numbers I checked out their web sites. They are all top rated charities and it made me very proud to be a part of this organization. To those of you who helped or put in to this monies my sincere thanks go out to you. With the warmest regards John B. # 2 I Think
  10. A village in Kenyon is missing it's idiot

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