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  2. Chet keep going strong Hope you have a great new year
  3. Hope it was a good one thanks for your good work for the club
  4. Jeff, likewise happy birthday wishes to you and a few others that I missed this month. Like Jack Benny I'm only 39; but somehow my body feels a little older.😁 Have another good year, Chet
  5. Chet, Congratulations on another interesting year, I hope you are well and warm! Looking forward to seeing you out there in a better year! Jeff
  6. Clark, Hope you had a great and relaxing birthday. Thanks for all of your work with the club re-set! Jeff
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  8. rich

    Hi David,

                    I don't want to pry but this has been killing me for a while so I have to ask.  Were you in the Movie business?  Like Back to the Future?




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    2. Flak


      True…and, you do the same amount of work on them as you do on the "good" ones.


    3. rich


      Well I watched it last night.  Not too bad.  Joan looked pretty good, I noticed the SGT from CHIPS.  I would watch it again if it popped.


    4. Flak


      glad you found it fun. It was a weird show to work on that's for sure.


  9. We feel it is not fair to have paying members when we are so unorganized and with a plan not set up. There is hope and a few are working to put the ponies in the corral so to say when we have real. Forward movement we will let you all know. There is a spark of hope we do not want any monies from members until we are stable and hope you can respect that. We still have AZ claims so far and a good one in Iowa hill area Ca Just pounding the ground to find a few more good areas before we restart hope that helps and we could use the help
  10. Funny how there over 200 looks at this. Funny how many followed must be a question for a lot of people. on our trustworthiness or it the everyone has to see the wreck down the road Or many personal views . some of use have to much time that's all ok When a long standing active members post cub business on the open public page and on the other side it looks like you really felt you would be burned for 100 buckeroines others see that kind of doubt and Well it creates doubt My god you did not really think we needed it that bad i hope. Glad it was handled as we would never let
  11. Good to know. It always helps for clarity if someone posts publicly that it's been handled so everyone knows action was taken. Just a well-meaning thought…as all my posts have been, even if they are sometimes not seen that way.
  12. Oops forgot the main reason i was going to post as soon as Leo posted his question Jeff replied to him So u all know
  13. Sorry you feel that way. My sense of humor about it hasn't changed.
  14. We have to agree if it was humor it sure dose not feel funny now
  15. Exactly, the same here, no anger. It's a legitimate question isn't it? And terming it "catty" puts a passive-aggressive spin on it.
  16. i do not even know how to reply to that it was without anger or frustration Just a question
  17. So you're calling me out for joking about how long it takes to get a reply with accurate information about membership dues payments? Sorry you can't see the irony in that. If justifiable disagreements about situations going on in WSPA, that are humorously put, aren't allowed here, then I'm in the wrong place. Take it easy.
  18. Thanks for the catty public Post Whats up with that
  19. Leo whom have you emailed you can send me a message and i will let you know what is up thanks
  20. Yeah it's a test we put all our new members through, to see if you have the patience to be a prospector. (joke) So here is a member who wants to pay his dues and can't find out how to do it. What is wrong with this picture?
  21. I have sent emails to several members and am trying to find out out we take care of our current membership. I have not been notified on how to pay the current dues. Leo
  22. Thank you JohnB, my refund check arrived a day ago. I'm late acknowledging it.
  23. I second the happy late B Day Hope all is going well for you
  24. HBB Mitchel. Many more.. Onward through the fog.....
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