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  2. There is a list in the WSPA Member Business Forum.
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  4. How many paid up members do we have? Was my dues check received? May we please have a paid member list? Thank you. Dick Ward
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  6. John i moved the horny toad ranch info to the business forum  to keep it private members only   take care 

  7. Hi All I 've bugged my insurance broker a couple of times on the insurance quote for the Gold Basin Property. I also told him that the Mohave county Landowners Assn has a million dollar policy included in there annual membership. Which is $45.00 per year. I told him and am hoping for a policy that would also cover our mining claims (primarily for common digs or outings). But sooo far no quotes. He said he was waiting for feedback from carriers or underwriters. If we have any insurance agents or retirees in the club I would love to here from you if you have any ideas. Happy Huntin John B. #2 I Think
  8. Hi All Bob our policy has always been claim owners or signors on claims get free membership. Now there are no more association claims unless they are preexisting to the current 20 acre rule change. It's never gone to well when the club has foot the bill on claims ? There seems to be a difficulty in getting someone to look over or handle paperwork or other problems that might arise if they have no skin in the game. But I think the club is open to all suggestions. Happy Huntin John B. #2 I Think
  9. Wow, Thanks much for posting those finds, I think your comments are great! Just back in Bakersfield from your new 40 in GB. Clark and I roamed around and he did not get skunkddd. He will probably put up a good report when he gets back. Thanks again John for finding that great looking area! You da man. Jeff
  10. Cool beans thanks for the inspiration I am using my gold master 2 In the mother-load area this week when you are looking for new ground it works real good and you don't miss the quartz gold on old tailings Don't need no stinking gp 7000 With my modified SS2200 As a back up Thats right after the gold master then the SD
  11. John Wow!!! What great finds! Thank you for sharing this. Gives us some hope that there is still some out there for us to find. Have a good day, Chet
  12. I was wondering if this page was still around. Thanks for reposting this.
  13. Hi All I don't know if this will work ?? Here is a link to my old web page all found with my old goldmasters. There are 3 categories to click on Gold , Meteorites , and artifacts. I built this in the late 1990s. I've found lots more since. Some of the thumb nails don't show up but if you click on them the picture is still there and others it's just the opposite. I guess it's how the archives work or something. Here's the link . http://web.archive.org/web/20030817113315/http://www.gci-net.com/users/g/goldmaster/ Happy Huntin John B. #2 I think
  14. I agree Yep yep and We will prevail and have something for many others to have fun with Enjoy the desert wind Looks like it is BLOWING Down there
  15. Denny, so true...I hope as we rebuild we can reenergize the spirit that prevailed in the beginning it’s not gone just less celebrated sometimes, it’s easy to forget seems big gold probably makes it even easier to forget. Could be all this stress the clubs going through restructuring is a blessing in disguise, the core group of members how ever many remaining will be diverse and committed to making this a success and this might provide an opportunity for all of us to talk about our vision of WSPA in the future, not suggesting there is anything particular in mind but it’s good to look out the window now and then.
  16. Clark. Your thoughts prevail. It seems that in the early daze. Lol there was a lot of teaching going on , we would find the nice person who was having a hard time and go out and try to teach them how to find gold I guess you get what you put into we had Chris Ralph. Let us use his claims and it was even more exciting and everyone was pitching in. But when big gold was found the hole thing went to crap. We need to be carful what we wish for and careful whom we work with I guess that’s the best we can do we are very fortunate to have the claims we have. I have been going over ground in Calaveras and Toulaleme sp ? This past week. So far. My best places are claimed we almost. It is a hard game. Hopefully the May. Nevada trip will do us better. D
  17. WOW. Been a while since I have seen a jester like that.You are GOLDEN in my Book, That said not surprised seeing how you are I say amen to that
  18. I’m just guessing I’ve erased and rewritten this a dozen times so this is thinking out loud cause I’ve not done a lot of this claim finding stuff but after a few years some of this is starting to sink in, I think members need the tools and knowledge we are at varying skill levels more experienced members mentoring newer club prospectors passing on some skill will help we have energetic new prospectors that just dont know where to start looking and how. We are kind of spread out geographically, I think it takes local interest we seem to be more active at the moment in Arizona, is this due to more available area to hunt? More active member interest? But someone local with local knowledge and interest is going to need to stoke those fires. Did we start WSPA with everyone bringing in one claim? Is it possible for every member to be involved somehow in acquiring or re-acquiring a claim, in the past having done so, or been key in assisting another member in finding a club claim. I believe finding an inactive claim to explore is not to difficult, do we need to post a list of potential inactive claims to check, can a list like that be ordered for a fee? not everyone can contribute the same but everyone can add value practicing teamwork and cooperation, lending a hand or just being a friend this is where staying small sharing activities helps us. sorry for the random disorganized thoughts, just trying to spark a discussion.
  19. Awww Jeff shucks, twerrnt nuttin...although thanks. really though I believe this club was founded on such behavior John B continues that tradition since the inception of this organization as do others, such attributes that set WSPA apart need to be remembered whenever possible this place rocks (the gold type). In rebuilding we don’t need to be fast to be excellent...we just need to remember what’s important.
  20. mr B that has been the question for some time you really need to find the right people Its hard on the soul for most when they see gold coming off there claim and its not in there pocket Also who wants experienced Detectorist cleaning up there gold Good ground is hard to find finding the right person whom has a good claim and can take it well there As rare as gold
  21. Hi John, Free membership for a decent claim might help.
  22. Clark, Your thoughtfulness and generosity are inspiring. That was a classy thing to do and John is a deserving recipient. Hope to make it to GB soon and will advise when certain. Jeff
  23. John you are very welcome and mostly I guess a token gesture to tell you how much appreciated you are for all you do. thank you, Clark
  24. A classy move by Clark for a classy JohnB...
  25. Hi All I got a nice surprise in the mail today. I made my very first profit from my Gold Basin land deals today. Heck it's only taken a couple decades. A very nice gentleman out of Las Vegas sent me some shiny. I wish to thank Clark for the very generous gift and thoughts . You really didn't need to do that. Soooo now your beeper and nose are officially anointed with gold nugget finds from now on 🙄. My pointy finger still has some ammo left. Well Thanks again Clark !!! Happy Huntin John B. #2 I think
  26. Sorry for the delay worlddavi on replying. I am new to the invisionzone software, but this is what Ive found so far. The website software sets up as either public or private. We are a public forum, so the existence of the club / group is visible to public... If set up as "private", no one outside of members would know we even exist.. Counter productive IMO.. FYI: There are two parts of our site. PUBLIC and MEMBERS ONLY. The public parts of the current forum are the New Member Introduction, General Discussion, Nugget Hunting, and Meteorite Hunting forums.. The parts of the website that remain private and closed to outside eyes are in the Member's Only section. FYI: Posts made in Members Only topics (the private sections in our forum) Do Not get searched or indexed by google spiders and other web browser search engines. The Rub: The issue as I see it ( and many other invisionzone software users - consider how being member of a mental health patients group might feel as example), is that the member profile info IS always viewable whenever someone makes a comment regardless of section, public or private. Unfortunately, it appears there is no way to turn off the profile display when posting in one of our public forums. Yes, google picks up the info and makes it available for all time. The registration process asks for First Name and Last Name, and then asks for location, Birthdate, contact method, Gender, etc.... First Name and Last Name fields being Required, the rest is optional... I personally chose not to display much of this info in my profile as example: https://wspa.invisionzone.com/profile/1245-aarcher/ Note here that Birthday - I left blank... Gender - I left blank First Name - I used first Initial only Location - I used NM (not exact location of town) I am not that concerned over a basic profile signature being used when I post or comment here, but making these few changes does make identifying who I am considerably more difficult. Public display confirms only that there is a member, a archer who lives somewhere in NM. No Birthdate, no gender, etc... We are looking for a software plugin that will address this permanently and more efficiently, but in the interim, try these suggestion if you are also concerned: The Forum is currently setup so that a member's profile info is displayed with any activity. However, Members do have some control of what is seen with options to choose what is shown or not shown (by editing their public profile. TEMP FIXs TO IMPROVE COMFORT LEVEL while looking for permanent solution #1. Edit / Delete personal info from profile. Log in. Click avatar by your user name (top right of welcome screen) / Click Settings / Click Account Settings: Edit Name, Location, and make any other changes you feel necessary #2. POST IN A MEMBERS ONLY FORUM when discussing club business. Posts in the Members Only private section will only be seen by other registered Members. And since this topic was started in public forum, this is all on the record for God and google to collect and covet. hehheh.. Bottom Line View from the Top: There are possibly plugins that will allow us to hide member info from guests (and from google spiders) automatically, but posts in public forum will still be visible, and these public posts will be recorded by all the different web browser "spiders" as they look for new content. If we can find a suitable software plugin, it would allow improved basic privacy shielding members profile, yet still allow us the ability to keep the public presence, and if there is an add on solution found, the Board can decide how to proceed from there. Too long winded again. Nothing comes ez for me when 'splaining things..... Questions welcome. Please use private message for specific help in any of this... aarcher
  27. Ok let me know what you find out. Also...advise when we can pay for our membership as I will keep mine active
  28. Thanks Jeff, Yes can they advise how we get that deleted? I see no where in this App where I can delete anything. I am concerned about this
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