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  2. Thanks Dick, I'll give you a call this morning around 10am
  3. Hello Rocco, I don’t know what kind of an RV you have so it’s hard to give any realistic advice. I will be out there in our old 33 foot motorhome but will not attempt to reach the club property in it. I will park on JB’s property about 3 1/2 miles from the WSPA property and commute in my Santa Fe or on my quad. I have spent a lot of time out there in Gold basin and would be happy to discuss the area with you. Just give me a call on my cell phone (702) 271-3362 if you would like to get more info. Just leave a message if I don’t answer I’ll call you back. Dick Ward
  4. Attached map is one way to get near the NE corner of the 40 acres. Maybe someone else can suggest a better route. From the Chevron Station North is gravel so 38 minutes total travel time is probably more like 1 hour. Have a good day, Chet
  5. Would anyone one of you folks know the distance from Meadview RV Camp to our Gold Basin claims ?? Trying to figure out if I want to Boon Dock or have Hookups... Looking to be moved to that area around end of Oct, till after our outing... Thx
  6. I am sure you can PM him he will be up there in rye patch pretty soon
  7. We have a outing in the second week of dec Clark is out there a lot and can help with some logistics best to go out there before and get some info and feel good with location first time I went out was lost and confused saw shep helping with a stick motorhome He stuck out like a rat turd in a sugar bowl lol but I would not want to go out there raw so to say Welcome and please don’t be shy
  8. Hello All, I'm a new member of your club, look forward to seeing everybody again. ( I did meet you folks at Rye Patch in 2019, through Rick Lundy & Mitchell, even ate a steak with you all. Finishing up here at Rye Patch " Been kicking my butt " and heading to our Gold Basin property end of month "Oct" and will be there for couple weeks. Anybody up for a hunt give me a shout.....
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  10. Just want to see how everyone is doing in there efforts our new club private property is going to do well for our members for many years hope to meet new members at our gold basin outing the second weekend of December
  11. Also don't feel bad about the newby i am listed as a rooky or green on the site hell i will start over i guess
  12. Personally i would dig that 16 inches deep a golden find for sure Looking forward to our next outing there On the new property Maybe ill do some witching and see if it still works with the old dousing rods Looks like a lot of good fun will be had out there Mr Ward Thanks for the video
  13. Nice nugget Dick, it’s tough hunting the easy gold has been hit pretty hard but there is gold there for the one who works for it. Jeff and I were talking this morning about polling our members about setting up a date and working on the details to bring in Alan and his excavator to the new 40 at gold Basin for our first outing after the restructure, we are thinking sometime this September or October. Dick your experience out there will be helpful deciding where we head first, perhaps in the area where that one ounce nugget was found?
  14. You’re right Rich I too wonder. It’s for sure that all the easy nuggets have been found. Living in Boulder City I detect in Gold Basin a lot. Over the last 10 years I probably detected in the new WSPA property area a dozen times, usually I found a crumb or two. The largest I found there was .84 grams. Several years ago (2016 I think) I did see a one ounce plus nugget fresh from the new property ground less than a 1000’ SW of the NW corner sign. It was found with a GPX using a 25” coil. I have no idea what plans WSPA club has (if any, outing or push) for the area. Have you been out on the property recently?
  15. Very nice piece. Nice to know that there is still gold there. Can't help but to wonder how much gold came off that area with all of the diggings everywhere.
  16. Rich, Iphone video was just of target sounds before scraping or digging. location: 35.87934, -114.23647 WSPA PROPERTY GOLD BASIN GPZ- nugget .84 grams at aprox. 16” deep
  17. I can't open the attachment.
  18. Hi there, Couldn’t get out to detect today so I have just been sitting and thinking about the WSPA. For fun I guess I’ll write down some random thoughts and post them. Thank you for posting the new membership list I appreciate the work it took to get that out. I noticed that I am now listed as a newbie and that’s kind of funny. I joined WSPA in August 2015 and never quit the club. My wife and I have met and enjoyed so many great people. We still get see a few of our WSPA friends but we sure miss those we don’t get together with. We miss the outings - lots of really nice people getting together. Detecting, eating good food, having a few drinks, and bragging or complaining. The auctions to raise money for veterans always made me feel good. I really got a kick out of the “find of the month” contest. All of the finds were fun to see. I’m going to try and attach a short video to this post. If you can open the video tell me if you would have dug the target. Then ask me and I’ll post a picture of what the target was. I guess that’s enough old guy BS for today. THANKS Dick Ward IMG_3064.MOV
  19. WSPA is accepting applications for membership, anyone interested in applying for membership please email me here on the WSPA forum, include a personal email and I will send you the membership packet.
  20. There is a list in the WSPA Member Business Forum.
  21. How many paid up members do we have? Was my dues check received? May we please have a paid member list? Thank you. Dick Ward
  22. John i moved the horny toad ranch info to the business forum  to keep it private members only   take care 

  23. Hi All I 've bugged my insurance broker a couple of times on the insurance quote for the Gold Basin Property. I also told him that the Mohave county Landowners Assn has a million dollar policy included in there annual membership. Which is $45.00 per year. I told him and am hoping for a policy that would also cover our mining claims (primarily for common digs or outings). But sooo far no quotes. He said he was waiting for feedback from carriers or underwriters. If we have any insurance agents or retirees in the club I would love to here from you if you have any ideas. Happy Huntin John B. #2 I Think
  24. Hi All Bob our policy has always been claim owners or signors on claims get free membership. Now there are no more association claims unless they are preexisting to the current 20 acre rule change. It's never gone to well when the club has foot the bill on claims ? There seems to be a difficulty in getting someone to look over or handle paperwork or other problems that might arise if they have no skin in the game. But I think the club is open to all suggestions. Happy Huntin John B. #2 I Think
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