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  1. I am sure you can PM him he will be up there in rye patch pretty soon
  2. We have a outing in the second week of dec Clark is out there a lot and can help with some logistics best to go out there before and get some info and feel good with location first time I went out was lost and confused saw shep helping with a stick motorhome He stuck out like a rat turd in a sugar bowl lol but I would not want to go out there raw so to say Welcome and please don’t be shy
  3. Just want to see how everyone is doing in there efforts our new club private property is going to do well for our members for many years hope to meet new members at our gold basin outing the second weekend of December
  4. Also don't feel bad about the newby i am listed as a rooky or green on the site hell i will start over i guess
  5. Personally i would dig that 16 inches deep a golden find for sure Looking forward to our next outing there On the new property Maybe ill do some witching and see if it still works with the old dousing rods Looks like a lot of good fun will be had out there Mr Ward Thanks for the video
  6. John i moved the horny toad ranch info to the business forum  to keep it private members only   take care 

  7. Cool beans thanks for the inspiration I am using my gold master 2 In the mother-load area this week when you are looking for new ground it works real good and you don't miss the quartz gold on old tailings Don't need no stinking gp 7000 With my modified SS2200 As a back up Thats right after the gold master then the SD
  8. I agree Yep yep and We will prevail and have something for many others to have fun with Enjoy the desert wind Looks like it is BLOWING Down there
  9. Clark. Your thoughts prevail. It seems that in the early daze. Lol there was a lot of teaching going on , we would find the nice person who was having a hard time and go out and try to teach them how to find gold I guess you get what you put into we had Chris Ralph. Let us use his claims and it was even more exciting and everyone was pitching in. But when big gold was found the hole thing went to crap. We need to be carful what we wish for and careful whom we work with I guess that’s the best we can do we are very fortunate to have the claims we have. I have been going over ground in Calaveras and Toulaleme sp ? This past week. So far. My best places are claimed we almost. It is a hard game. Hopefully the May. Nevada trip will do us better. D
  10. WOW. Been a while since I have seen a jester like that.You are GOLDEN in my Book, That said not surprised seeing how you are I say amen to that
  11. mr B that has been the question for some time you really need to find the right people Its hard on the soul for most when they see gold coming off there claim and its not in there pocket Also who wants experienced Detectorist cleaning up there gold Good ground is hard to find finding the right person whom has a good claim and can take it well there As rare as gold
  12. Clark yes sir Always on the mission time for peace
  13. As Mr B is waiting for the title from the county we will do what we can working on gps cords from the one north west corner which is pegged and marked should not be to difficult Talked to john and best to put in concrete Once the deed is sent to John we will do a full payment and take it in to our possession what a great deal we got and the best land in the basin to boot info soon
  14. Mitchel Yes yes and just above your post you will not be alone there will be guidance out there just seeing when the beat time is for a few to get together first
  15. Thanks rich thats life just the way it is
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