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  1. Thanks Norm the upper area of those would be were to dig down I know the Oregon brothers did real well when they went up top and started digging down That said you are very correct just cause it was or did have gold does not mean its for sure Is it ever without testing and drilling even then its scattered
  2. We lost a great man no words RIP Fred
  3. That is our great dream to have pat ground I am in conference with a land claims management company to help us with club claim filing, research of land availability, restrictions plans of operation and filing of said claims and maintaining this is not a club member and they will be paid so no conflict of interest. Once this is negotiated we will ask members to post areas of interest they may have . then we can get some more claims filed as of to day I have several already proved areas to donate to the club {40 years of research}and we have several areas in AZ I do not posting things till c
  4. That is a respectable chunk They are far and wide its what i call a dances with wolfs nugget hard to top that were do you go from there absolutely magnificent
  5. Will you are not forgotten we will be ready for new members after the first week in January Then we will sit down and see how you want to proceed
  6. Chet as of right now all new members will be joining at the first of the year We have business to finish for our new club hope that helps We will be in contact with you D
  7. Chet i have been down the past few weeks there should be a notice on administration forum to let you in i will look at it this eve
  8. rich

    Hi Denny Carl Wruck can't log into the member side. He is on the Alamo claims and The Big Toad.  Here is a list of the claim owners.


    Mike KRISHER
    Russell PALMER
    Michael REBHOLZ
    Richard STROHL
    Carl D WRUCK

    The ALAMO Claims

    David DOYLE
    Joseph KRISHER
    Mike KRISHER
    Russell PALMER
    Michael REBHOLZ
    Richard STROHL
    Carl D WRUCK 
    1. Denny


      Thanks thats good to know  it may be a day or two but we will get him back on    

    2. rich


      Thanks Denny.   I believe Rusty also sent this list to Bill last week. 



  9. so just lurking or something to say

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