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  1. Nice nugget Dick, it’s tough hunting the easy gold has been hit pretty hard but there is gold there for the one who works for it. Jeff and I were talking this morning about polling our members about setting up a date and working on the details to bring in Alan and his excavator to the new 40 at gold Basin for our first outing after the restructure, we are thinking sometime this September or October. Dick your experience out there will be helpful deciding where we head first, perhaps in the area where that one ounce nugget was found?
  2. WSPA is accepting applications for membership, anyone interested in applying for membership please email me here on the WSPA forum, include a personal email and I will send you the membership packet.
  3. Denny, so true...I hope as we rebuild we can reenergize the spirit that prevailed in the beginning it’s not gone just less celebrated sometimes, it’s easy to forget seems big gold probably makes it even easier to forget. Could be all this stress the clubs going through restructuring is a blessing in disguise, the core group of members how ever many remaining will be diverse and committed to making this a success and this might provide an opportunity for all of us to talk about our vision of WSPA in the future, not suggesting there is anything particular in mind but it’s good to look out the window now and then.
  4. I’m just guessing I’ve erased and rewritten this a dozen times so this is thinking out loud cause I’ve not done a lot of this claim finding stuff but after a few years some of this is starting to sink in, I think members need the tools and knowledge we are at varying skill levels more experienced members mentoring newer club prospectors passing on some skill will help we have energetic new prospectors that just dont know where to start looking and how. We are kind of spread out geographically, I think it takes local interest we seem to be more active at the moment in Arizona, is this due to more available area to hunt? More active member interest? But someone local with local knowledge and interest is going to need to stoke those fires. Did we start WSPA with everyone bringing in one claim? Is it possible for every member to be involved somehow in acquiring or re-acquiring a claim, in the past having done so, or been key in assisting another member in finding a club claim. I believe finding an inactive claim to explore is not to difficult, do we need to post a list of potential inactive claims to check, can a list like that be ordered for a fee? not everyone can contribute the same but everyone can add value practicing teamwork and cooperation, lending a hand or just being a friend this is where staying small sharing activities helps us. sorry for the random disorganized thoughts, just trying to spark a discussion.
  5. Awww Jeff shucks, twerrnt nuttin...although thanks. really though I believe this club was founded on such behavior John B continues that tradition since the inception of this organization as do others, such attributes that set WSPA apart need to be remembered whenever possible this place rocks (the gold type). In rebuilding we don’t need to be fast to be excellent...we just need to remember what’s important.
  6. John you are very welcome and mostly I guess a token gesture to tell you how much appreciated you are for all you do. thank you, Clark
  7. Denny and David, OK, gentlemen we settle this with pistol’as 20 paces turn and fire the victor...Hmmm no victor here if we get are feelings hurt we are all friends doing something we love in the great out doors with a lot of like minded individuals (and I mean individuals, with many varied talents) all of whom I have the greatest respect for. It’s been a tough year, we are almost there...David I was talking to an old prospector at the basin and according to him the new 40 is really good ground...still, please be patient and join the party. Denny, you are really really smart, I have tremendous respect for you words and look forward to a long and rewarding friendship, something I hope for everyone here as well this is a quality club with quality members, Can’t we all just get...prospecting. Smiles and best wishes, Clark
  8. David, I’m sorry to read you are considering giving up on us your choice to make of course but as you know, should know no discussion here was ever intended to make you feel unwelcome and that’s the unfortunate thing about sensitive discussion via email it is so easy to misread or misunderstand intentions we value you as a member and value your opinions as I said before you are a smart guy that’s honestly how we feel and I’m sorry if it seems your suggestions are not taken to heart nothing could be farther from the truth, we are listening to you. Sincerely, Clark
  9. Norm, your picture shows what the detectors capable of in the hand of someone who know what he’s doing, beautiful gold!
  10. Nice work Bill, thank you for putting them up.
  11. I think it’s time we put up some pictures of gold found, I think most of these were from club claims or areas the club has/had holdings even one piece that was a prize at one of our Rye Patch outings, so everyone let’s get some interest going as we get ready to rumble on some new ground I know I’m excited to get out there and explore... let’s show our new and prospective members something to get excited about too and post up some gold! left to right, some misc placer gold and my attempt at melting the button’s about 8g and specific gravity tests at 18k, Northern California Sierra, Northern Nevada, Arizona and WSPAOuting prize gold!
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