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  1. You’re right Rich I too wonder. It’s for sure that all the easy nuggets have been found. Living in Boulder City I detect in Gold Basin a lot. Over the last 10 years I probably detected in the new WSPA property area a dozen times, usually I found a crumb or two. The largest I found there was .84 grams. Several years ago (2016 I think) I did see a one ounce plus nugget fresh from the new property ground less than a 1000’ SW of the NW corner sign. It was found with a GPX using a 25” coil. I have no idea what plans WSPA club has (if any, outing or push) for the area. Have you been out on the property recently?
  2. Rich, Iphone video was just of target sounds before scraping or digging. location: 35.87934, -114.23647 WSPA PROPERTY GOLD BASIN GPZ- nugget .84 grams at aprox. 16” deep
  3. Hi there, Couldn’t get out to detect today so I have just been sitting and thinking about the WSPA. For fun I guess I’ll write down some random thoughts and post them. Thank you for posting the new membership list I appreciate the work it took to get that out. I noticed that I am now listed as a newbie and that’s kind of funny. I joined WSPA in August 2015 and never quit the club. My wife and I have met and enjoyed so many great people. We still get see a few of our WSPA friends but we sure miss those we don’t get together with. We miss the outings - lots of really nice people getting together. Detecting, eating good food, having a few drinks, and bragging or complaining. The auctions to raise money for veterans always made me feel good. I really got a kick out of the “find of the month” contest. All of the finds were fun to see. I’m going to try and attach a short video to this post. If you can open the video tell me if you would have dug the target. Then ask me and I’ll post a picture of what the target was. I guess that’s enough old guy BS for today. THANKS Dick Ward IMG_3064.MOV
  4. How many paid up members do we have? Was my dues check received? May we please have a paid member list? Thank you. Dick Ward
  5. Should we get a professional surveyor and be positive? Was this the Zachariah Wilson property? If so I’m guessing the following coordinates might be close. NWC 35.87993 -114.23761 NEC 35.87993 -114.23315 SEC 35.87629 -114.23315 SWC 35.87629 -114.23761
  6. Year round we detect in the Gold Basin/White Hills area. Thank you John B. we camp on your 160 acres. In March 2016 I saw a 1.35 oz. nugget come off this 40 acre property. I have found and seen several sub gram nuggets there in the last few years. So I know there’s still some left.
  7. That picture is a couple of years old. It is my brother in law Bills nugget. Like you Fred, I’m still stumbling along. The VA is keeping me going. 😎
  8. Has the WSPA been updated recently?  Seems like it to me.  I’m trying to see how the site works.  Just messing around.





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