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Hi All

I don't know if this will work ?? Here is a link to my old web page all found with my old goldmasters. There are 3 categories to click on Gold , Meteorites , and artifacts. I built this in the late 1990s. I've found lots more since.  Some of the thumb nails don't show up but if you click on them the picture is still there and others it's just the opposite. I guess it's how the archives work or something. Here's the link . http://web.archive.org/web/20030817113315/http://www.gci-net.com/users/g/goldmaster/

Happy Huntin John B.

#2 I think

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Wow!!! What great finds!

Thank you for sharing this. Gives us some hope that there is still some out there for us to find.

Have a good day,

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Cool beans  thanks for the inspiration  I am using my gold master 2   In the mother-load area this week  when you are looking for new ground  it works real good and you don't miss the quartz gold on old tailings   Don't need no stinking gp 7000   With my modified SS2200   As a back up   Thats right after the gold master  then the SD  

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Thanks much for posting those finds, I think your comments are great!

Just back in Bakersfield from your new 40 in GB.  Clark and I roamed around and he did not get skunkddd.

He will probably put up a good report when he gets back.

Thanks again John for finding that great looking area!  You da man.


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