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Thank you WSPA, I am moving on.


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With my sincere apologies for raising the hackles with a number of people here
I'm going to pursue other trails.

My comments have always had the functionality of the club at heart.
Yes there were some strong posts.
I hoped to spark some responses and ultimately some changes.
I failed at both.

I have every good wish for WSPA to succeed and will cheer you all on from the sidelines.

Happy trails and good hunting.


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Hi David

Don't leave we love you !! Come on don't tell me you can't take a little critic from the peanut gallery? When you are so good at criticing us.  I was sooner or later probably after a hip surgery hoping to hunt with you again . What ever you choose take care David the pleasure was all ours . 

Happy Huntin 

John B.

#2 I think 

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Hi John, criticism is totally fine.
Personal comments about my trying to undermine things, or working to get Dennis replaced, go beyond criticism.
I will hunt with you any time, which hopefully I didn't have to actually say.
You are one of my favorites.

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David, I’m sorry to read you are considering giving up on us your choice to make of course but as you know, should know no discussion here was ever intended to make you feel unwelcome and that’s the unfortunate thing about sensitive discussion via email it is so easy to misread or misunderstand intentions we value you as a member and value your opinions as I said before you are a smart guy that’s honestly how we feel and I’m sorry if it seems your suggestions are not taken to heart nothing could be farther from the truth, we are listening to you.

Sincerely, Clark

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Yea David never said you were trying replace  me   And that does not bother me at all i would be thankful of that so do not understand were that came from  lets not poke the club or  each other   And atop looking at the website 9 times a day  take a break and go from there    

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