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A property for sample detecting in Kalifonica

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Hi All

I ran across this on creigs list. I have no idea were it is or if it's worth a try but. I think if one would call as a potential buyer and asked permission to check it out with a beeper. One or a few might gain permission if asked nicely.  Even maybe by suggesting a non profit club might consider a buy. Here's the link. https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/reb/d/caliente-large-acreage-with-gold-mine/7278211402.html

If you find the mother load I just might buy it !!

Happy Huntin John B.

#2 I Think

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Have been up that way before, nice piece of property but really steep slopes in that area. Heading up that way soon to check out a hardrock mine with a old timer that told me about it. Most placer claims in that area are closed. Have not read or seen any detectable gold from that area. Spent a lot of time in the Walker basin area detecting old mine sites 40 years ago with a VLF. Jeeping in that area years ago my wife and I spotted a old buckboard wagon way down below in a gully. Came back the following weekend with my trailer and tools to take it apart and haul it up home. Damn, got there and someone beat me to it the buckboard was gone,

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