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Looking to join WSPA

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Will you are not forgotten  we will be ready for new members after the first week in January   Then we will sit down and see how you want to proceed  

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I just noticed this recent post and want to thank you for being so patient.  The club is smack dab in the middle of reorganization and if all goes well we should be taking in new members within the next thirty days.  We have retained an attorney to guide us through this overhaul.  There is a meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for next week and I am optimistic that we will be able to pass needed reforms and will soon be acquiring new claims, and opening up for new members soon thereafter.  Again, thank you for your patience.  

Jeff G.

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We feel it is not fair to have paying members  when we are so unorganized and with a plan not set up. There is hope and a few are working to put the ponies in the corral so to say when we have real. Forward movement we will let you all know. There is a spark of hope we do not want any monies from members until we are stable and hope you can respect that. We still have AZ claims so far and a good one in Iowa hill area  Ca  Just pounding the ground to find a few more good areas before we restart hope that helps and we could use the help   



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