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  1. Glad to see see you had no problems . Lot going on up there Cerro Gordo had a fire that destroyed some of the historic town buildings they lost power from a lightning strike and no one can get up there the road washed out. Maybe the storm exposed some gold areas in Mazourka. Good luck to you!
  2. Hi Bill, just checking up on you. looks like that 5.8 was in your backyard. hope everything is okay
  3. Great they deserve every penny of it.
  4. I think you are right about the Mojave Preserve, its off limits. All the historical sights are protected in the preserve.
  5. Did not know that. When I was up in Mazourka years ago with my wife I wanted to take a 4x4 road back to a spring area and camp. There is a placer operation with shallow drifts along the bedrock, looked real interesting. When we got to the road there was about 10 people there moving large rocks across the road to prevent access a group called "Friends of the Inyos" the group that had pushed to put the areas into wilderness protection. They told me the area was now a wilderness area and I could not drive back there and prospect. I could walk back in but removal of minerals was not allowed well I believed them and never went there. Their group that instigated the wilderness area said it was put into wilderness area to protect the Inyos from mining and off roading. the roads heading back in theses areas are not shown on the forest service maps anymore but they are on topo maps. I will try to contact the Forest Circus to see if those high mountain roads into the designated wilderness are open or closed now. The placer area by the spring is only a few miles back in I can walk that but the other area is over 10 miles of steep 4x4 roads to get it, to far for this guy to walk. Does anyone know if the vast area of the Mohave called the Mohave Preserve is open to detecting because there are lots of great detecting areas there like the old mining town of Hart and others that are in the providence Mountains?
  6. Hi Bill, Marble canyon gold is 70 to 115ft down in the bottom there are 3000ft of drifts on the bedrock It came from a ancient river bed still sections left up by Crooked creek 10,000 ft up but it is now in a wilderness area. Used to be placer claims on the hills surrounding marble canyon especially in the area where the road drops into the canyon, they are not in the D.V. park area. Check out the closed claims there.. North east of Chalfant are the Springs claims now closed. Some nice nuggets have been found there years ago, but steep rugged terrain. Don't give up on Mazourka there is gold there. One of the largest called the 3 finger nugget was a sun baker that came off the top off a mountain. Dennis and I know some areas up there that we have found gold in we just have not been able to get up there yet. You also have the Lida area Gold point and the Tule placers all have produced nuggets and it is high country been there when it was 105 in lone Pine and only 80 up there. You live in a great area to find gold not far from you. Good luck!
  7. Fred was one of those people you just wanted to be around. We had many good times together in the Dale. It really saddens me to hear this. R.I.P Fred.
  8. Hi Michel, that article come from a Respiratory Dr. My wife's sister is a nurse in Landers Wyoming she sent it to us. Not retired still trying to make a living farming wine grapes. The ranch is up for sale, after it sells then I will be retired. Stay health,
  9. CORONA Common Sense Since they are calling on Respiratory therapist to help fight the Corona virus, and I am a retired one, too old to work in a hospital setting. I'm gonna share some common sense wisdom with those that have the virus and trying to stay home. If my advice is followed as given you will improve your chances of not ending up in the hospital on a ventilator. This applies to the otherwise generally healthy population, so use discretion. 1. Only high temperatures kill a virus, so let your fever run high. Tylenol, Advil. Motrin, Ibuprofen etc. will bring your fever down allowing the virus to live longer. They are saying that ibuprophen, advil etc will actually exacerbate the virus. Use common sense and don't let fever go over 103 or 104 if you got the guts. If it gets higher than that take your tylenol, not ibuprophen or advil to keep it regulated. It helps to keep house warm and cover up with blankets so body does not have to work so hard to generate the heat. It usually takes about 3 days of this to break the fever. 2. The body is going to dehydrate with the elevated temperature so you must rehydrate yourself regulaly, whether you like it or not. Gatorade with real sugar, or pedialyte with real sugar for kids, works well. Why the sugar? Sugar will give your body back the energy it is using up to create the fever. The electrolytes and fluid you are losing will also be replenished by the Gatorade. If you don't do this and end up in the hospital they will start an IV and give you D5W (sugar water) and Normal Saline to replenish electrolytes. Gatorade is much cheaper, pain free, and comes in an assortment of flavors 3. You must keep your lungs moist. Best done by taking long steamy showers on a regular basis, if your wheezing or congested use a real minty toothpaste and brush your teeth while taking the steamy shower and deep breath through your mouth. This will provide some bronchial dialation and help loosen the phlegm. Force your self to cough into a wet wash cloth pressed firmly over your mouth and nose, which will cause greater pressure in your lungs forcing them to expand more and break loose more of the congestion. 4. Eat healthy and regularly. Gotta keep your strength up. 5. Once the fever breaks, start moving around to get the body back in shape and blood circulating. 6. Deep breath on a regular basis, even when it hurts. If you don't it becomes easy to develope pneumonia. Pursed lip breathing really helps. That's breathing in deep and slow then exhaling through tight lips as if your blowing out a candle, blow until you have completely emptied your lungs and you will be able to breath in an even deeper breath. This helps keep lungs expanded as well as increase your oxygen level. 7. Remember that every medication you take is merely relieving the symptoms, not making you well. 8. If your still dying go to ER. I've been doing these things for myself and my family for over 40 years and kept them out of the hospital, all are healthy and still living today. Thank you all for sharing. We gotta help one another.
  10. Thanks Dave, that would be great.
  11. Not a surprise Bill. Everything goes up but our income. Bob
  12. Nice picture Bill, surprised the Inyos are almost snow free. May be able to make it up that way around the end of the month will let you know. Thanks, Bob
  13. Morning Bill, Like that area for prospecting. Was going to head up that way up that way around Thanksgiving. luckily I did not and missed the big storm. How much snow is on the ground around Lone Pine, Probably a lot still on the Inyos? Thanks Bob
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