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  1. A classy move by Clark for a classy JohnB...
  2. Hi John, criticism is totally fine. Personal comments about my trying to undermine things, or working to get Dennis replaced, go beyond criticism. I will hunt with you any time, which hopefully I didn't have to actually say. You are one of my favorites.
  3. With my sincere apologies for raising the hackles with a number of people here I'm going to pursue other trails. My comments have always had the functionality of the club at heart. Yes there were some strong posts. I hoped to spark some responses and ultimately some changes. I failed at both. I have every good wish for WSPA to succeed and will cheer you all on from the sidelines. Happy trails and good hunting. David
  4. Your disagreement with me started when I asked basic questions about what was happening with the club. There never has been an "underlying" motive. There is no thought of replacing you. Why would I do that? If you think back you will remember that the exact opposite is true. This has not been personal until you made it that way. I have no problem with what people think of me, my posts have been clear-cut, out front and in the spirit of trying to get WSPA functional.
  5. Dennis I suggest you check your newly found use of emoji's and then go and ask who is being venomous. Get a mirror when you do. Those comments were months old, so what was the point of going back and adding your sarcastic emoji's to them? You want me off your ass? Then get off mine. At least my comments had a point to them. You would have seen that if you had reread the thread.
  6. You are just making these emojis reactions now, in April, from a post in January? What does that mean? You did it on another post from early February. Just catching up on stuff huh?
  7. John, thank you for your continued generosity and humor and patience...
  8. rich

    Hi David,

                    I don't want to pry but this has been killing me for a while so I have to ask.  Were you in the Movie business?  Like Back to the Future?




    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Flak


      True…and, you do the same amount of work on them as you do on the "good" ones.


    3. rich


      Well I watched it last night.  Not too bad.  Joan looked pretty good, I noticed the SGT from CHIPS.  I would watch it again if it popped.


    4. Flak


      glad you found it fun. It was a weird show to work on that's for sure.


  9. Good to know. It always helps for clarity if someone posts publicly that it's been handled so everyone knows action was taken. Just a well-meaning thought…as all my posts have been, even if they are sometimes not seen that way.
  10. Sorry you feel that way. My sense of humor about it hasn't changed.
  11. Exactly, the same here, no anger. It's a legitimate question isn't it? And terming it "catty" puts a passive-aggressive spin on it.
  12. So you're calling me out for joking about how long it takes to get a reply with accurate information about membership dues payments? Sorry you can't see the irony in that. If justifiable disagreements about situations going on in WSPA, that are humorously put, aren't allowed here, then I'm in the wrong place. Take it easy.
  13. Yeah it's a test we put all our new members through, to see if you have the patience to be a prospector. (joke) So here is a member who wants to pay his dues and can't find out how to do it. What is wrong with this picture?
  14. Thank you JohnB, my refund check arrived a day ago. I'm late acknowledging it.
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