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  1. Happy Birthday Mitchel and have a great new year!
  2. David, I don't disagree with your summary. Best wishes to all for a better New Year, Jeff
  3. Bill and David, Yes, let me know please. Thank you for your help. Jeff
  4. Rich, I think you are correct, I am working to correct this problem. Jeff
  5. David, Well that is interesting, as you know there was a vote to reduce the dues to zero some months ago. That vote was approved by the BOD. Please message me via the message app on this forum and I will investigate. Jeff
  6. Happy Birthday Rick,

    I hope you are doing well during this weird time!

    Jeff G.

  7. Happy Birthday Brian!!

    Hope all is well on your end.


  8. Hi Bill, Glad you are ok, I was up at Cerro Gordo a year or so back and the new owners had big plans. The older fellow who has been looking after the site for years is a hard rock miner and his knowledge of the mines in the area and history are great. The Hotel and other buildings were in pretty fine condition and I am saddened to hear they were lost. Jeff G.
  9. Great! Thanks for getting er done!
  10. Desertpilot, I just noticed this recent post and want to thank you for being so patient. The club is smack dab in the middle of reorganization and if all goes well we should be taking in new members within the next thirty days. We have retained an attorney to guide us through this overhaul. There is a meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for next week and I am optimistic that we will be able to pass needed reforms and will soon be acquiring new claims, and opening up for new members soon thereafter. Again, thank you for your patience. Jeff G.
  11. Ray, I moved my response to the Members Forum. Respectfully, Jeff G.
  12. Good on ya Bill! Thanks for a good post, and you too Chet. Do you reckon there are areas of interest more westerly? Is that in the Inyos, and what are your thoughts on the Inyos? I have been up Mazurka (sp?) a ways twice and I know there is claimed placer ground there. A report I read talks of deep overburden on the Western slopes of the Inyos in that area. Possibly something to look into for the club. Keep it going. Jeff G.
  13. Welcome aboard Bob, This is a great group of people, and you should feel right at home. Stay Well, Jeff G.
  14. Me too, Fred will be missed a lot, I am very saddened to hear this.
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