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  1. Wow, Thanks much for posting those finds, I think your comments are great! Just back in Bakersfield from your new 40 in GB. Clark and I roamed around and he did not get skunkddd. He will probably put up a good report when he gets back. Thanks again John for finding that great looking area! You da man. Jeff
  2. Clark, Your thoughtfulness and generosity are inspiring. That was a classy thing to do and John is a deserving recipient. Hope to make it to GB soon and will advise when certain. Jeff
  3. Leo, If you go to the Members forum-Documents and Reports-Claims you should see what is available. There have been several posts recently by John B. and Wes about recent developments. I don't know what the story is with the privacy settings but I just googled myself and found several posts on different forums and this one with my profile info. I am going to edit that. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. I just sent a message to aarcher and asked him to look into it. Hopefully he can explain what is going on and what to do to remedy the situation. Jeff
  4. Leo, I agree with you, seems like our profile information should be private. I will message Alan A and ask him to look at this. As far as claims go, look at the claims section on the members forum. That should answer your questions. Thanks for bringing this up. Jeff
  5. Rusty and Jeff, Thanks for volunteering, I hope we well get a weekend nailed down next week. Jeff
  6. Denny, My condolences for your loss, hang in there and thanks for putting this up. It looks like there are going to be several members who will be available, so post more details as you can please. I also received an email and think I should be available after the twelfth. It will be good to see some members in the field! Jeff
  7. Dick, Thank you for your positive contribution! I am looking forward to getting back there to see the new Golden Horny Toad environs! Jeff
  8. This is from Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada by Maureen G Johnson 1981 publication date. Go get em!! Shorty Harris was a legend. ,ll
  9. John, Thank you for your continued generosity and sense of humor....... I know you are a far piece away from GB and Clark frequents the area and will be on the lookout for hi graders! Cheers, Jeff
  10. Chet, Congratulations on another interesting year, I hope you are well and warm! Looking forward to seeing you out there in a better year! Jeff
  11. Clark, Hope you had a great and relaxing birthday. Thanks for all of your work with the club re-set! Jeff
  12. Happy Birthday Mitchel and have a great new year!
  13. David, I don't disagree with your summary. Best wishes to all for a better New Year, Jeff
  14. Bill and David, Yes, let me know please. Thank you for your help. Jeff
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