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  1. Dick, I think you are right if you want to be precise. That is in section 29. There should be a section marker to the east which would be a bit south of the GPAA Joshua Tree. I'm looking at your corners on a pretty small screen but if I had a large screen we could be more precise but who would have a precise GPS out at the property? I say if you are going to put the corners in concrete get a survey. If you just want to let people 'know' to be legal then being within 10 feet or so in that area should be good enough. If you want to enforce legal rights for any reason then a survey is the best way to go. Mitchel
  2. David, I hope you reconsider. It is better than the alternative. Mitchel
  3. I just got an email asking about setting the corner markers. I don't know how I got it. Where is that thread? When corner markers are set ... where will they be set. Do we have a map and what are the corners so that I can put it on my GPS. Mitchel
  4. I'm shedding some tears now for you Fred. R.I.P. I know these last months have been difficult for him to speak. I'll miss our chats. Mitchel
  5. Bob, I thought that was you who was retired and then I found this: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/3/30/1932651/-Useful-information-if-you-do-get-sick
  6. Bob, This would bring up steam rooms, saunas and jacuzzis. We have Desert Hot Springs near us. Is any of it open? Mitchel
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