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  1. Very nice piece. Nice to know that there is still gold there. Can't help but to wonder how much gold came off that area with all of the diggings everywhere.
  2. I can't open the attachment.
  3. There is a list in the WSPA Member Business Forum.
  4. I was wondering if this page was still around. Thanks for reposting this.
  5. I really hope you reconsider David.
  6. I would do this sooner than later. It will be getting hot soon. it is already pushing mid 90's in southern AZ.
  7. rich

    Hi David,

                    I don't want to pry but this has been killing me for a while so I have to ask.  Were you in the Movie business?  Like Back to the Future?




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    2. Flak


      True…and, you do the same amount of work on them as you do on the "good" ones.


    3. rich


      Well I watched it last night.  Not too bad.  Joan looked pretty good, I noticed the SGT from CHIPS.  I would watch it again if it popped.


    4. Flak


      glad you found it fun. It was a weird show to work on that's for sure.


  8. What is really strange about that is that the WSPAGOLD website doesn't seem to exist. That was the site to renew one's membership and I think that there was an option for auto renewal but I am not 100% sure.
  9. Thank you John. Hope all is well with you.
  10. The Big Toad is in Greaterville and Alamo 1-4 are along the border.
  11. Hi Chet, Currently there are 5 club claims. All are in southern AZ. One in Greaterville south of Tucson and the other group of 4 are on the AZ/Mexico border.
  12. I am very sorry to hear this. My Condolences to his family and friends.
  13. Yes they are in southern Arizona south of Tucson. I think JohnB still lets people use his land in Gold Basin but I'm not sure.
  14. Congrats Flak you made it off the LIST almost.
  15. Is that a recent find? Thats a really nice chunk.
  16. But the smell wears off after awhile. Nice photo's.
  17. rich

    Hi Denny Carl Wruck can't log into the member side. He is on the Alamo claims and The Big Toad.  Here is a list of the claim owners.


    Mike KRISHER
    Russell PALMER
    Michael REBHOLZ
    Richard STROHL
    Carl D WRUCK

    The ALAMO Claims

    David DOYLE
    Joseph KRISHER
    Mike KRISHER
    Russell PALMER
    Michael REBHOLZ
    Richard STROHL
    Carl D WRUCK 
    1. Denny


      Thanks thats good to know  it may be a day or two but we will get him back on    

    2. rich


      Thanks Denny.   I believe Rusty also sent this list to Bill last week. 



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